Namahage Morokoshi


If people ever want to know what constitutes classic Japanese candy, you can steer them away from the Pocky and show them one of these little fellas. There are several features that make these Namahage Morokoshi a classic Japanese candy. First of all, you can only really get them in Japan, and ones like these you can only get in certain areas of Japan known as Akita. I say ones like these because of the little faces on them, apparently ones with these particular faces are only really available in the Akita prefecture (that's where I got them). This makes them special, I guess.

Another thing that makes these candies Japanese is that they're kind of expensive and very thoughtfully packaged. I would have shown you the package but honestly, I thought the candy looked better, that and the package was not from the candy company that manufactured them but rather the little store that sold them to me. Finally, the true reason you know this is a Japanese classic candy is that the texture and taste are beyond strange.

I wouldn’t say that taste and texture is horrible, however I don't plan on eating more than one to write this review. The texture has a way of pretty much eliminating every drop of moisture out of my mouth, leaving me very dry. I taste a bit of a fishy ocean flavour too, and that just might be some fish, you never know with these treats. I'm not disappointed that I tasted this, in fact it's pretty cool to be lucky enough to get some, it's just not the kind of thing I would want to do again.