Aero Truffle "Dark Chipotle"


I'm going to be completely honest with you, the reason I bought this bar was because it was on sale. There are several of these truffle Aero bars available, however this one seems to be selling the least, and so they're on sale. I can kind of understand why this is. Most people don't like/know about spicy chocolate, many people think that spicy chocolate is a gimmick with no basis in history. It's interesting because in fact the ancient Myans used to mix cocoa with spicy dried peppers all the time in a drink. In fact the spicy flavour of peppers goes very well with cocoa. While the sweet aspect is a little weird with spicy, it's not horrible either. This brings me to why I bought this bar, it was on sale, and while I agree that spicy chocolate works, I'm still not a huge fan of spicy foods, and I worry that some of them might blow my socks off.

The good news is that this Aero bar is pretty mild. Whilte there is most certainly a spicy feeling in your mouth, it's pretty calm, and it goes away a few seconds after eating this bar. The bad news is that this bar is a bit of a disappointment. While it certainly is spicy, it lacks any kind of complex flavour. This just tastes like an overly sweet dark chocolate with a spicy kick. The bubble layer of the chocolate is actually milk chocolate, so that kills a bit of the bitterness from the dark chocolate coating as well. The chipotle doesn't have any kind of actual chipotle flavour either. It just tastes hot, and not like a flavourful hot chipotle pepper. As I've been growing my tolerance for spicy food, I've come to appreciate the flavour many hot peppers can give some foods, this bar unfortunately has no such flavour.

I would certainly call this bar a failure, although not because it tasted gross. It just had such potential for delivering a bar with a complex spicy flavour and a fun bubbly texture, but instead it just delivered a spicy, kind of cheap, dark chocolate.