Aero Truffle "Dark Cherry"


This is the third of these Aero Truffle bars that I've reviewed, and once again I'm faced with a technical problem that's made me a little upset. I assumed by the name, and the outer layer of chocolate, that this is going to be a dark chocolate bar, however the bubble portion of the Aero bar is actually made with milk chocolate. I'm sure there's a reason that all of the chocolate in this bar is not dark chocolate, and unfortunately I think it might be for the wrong reason. The pessimist in me assumes that Nestle wanted to keep this bar cheap, and therefore use less of the most expensive ingredient. I hope this isn't true, but it's a reality in the candy business. There is also the possibility that they don't have the technology to make a good bubbly dark chocolate. I have to be honest, while this is possible, it seems unlikely.

So right off the bat I'm a little disappointed with this bar, the good news is that it's the only part of this bar that failed me. The other Aero Truffle bars were a little disappointing with their filling, especially the Chipotle version. I found them to be a little bland and flavourless. This Aero Truffle bar however delivers very well with the filling. The cherry is a really bold flavour that balances very well with the dark chocolate coating. It would have been even nicer with more dark chocolate, but I don't want to focus on that problem. The cherry is also more of a deep cherry flavour almost like a cherries jubilee. It's not fruity as much as it's almost wine like. I could even say that the cherry flavour seems to have a bit of bite to it.

I think this bar could be better, but as far as the Aero Truffle bars I've tasted, this one's pretty good. I'm not sure if they're planning any new versions of this bar, but if they are I think this is the direction to go.