Hershey "Strawberries & Crème"


For no particular reason, this candy bar makes me happy. I haven't even bitten into it yet and here I am smiling like a fool. I think it's because I have fond memories of strawberries and cream. When I was a kid, I loved strawberries and cream. There was nothing better in my mind; I'd eat it like it there was no tomorrow. Having thought about this a little, I'm starting to get a little nervous. What if this treat doesn't hold up to my memories? What if it's gross? How will that affect my feelings about my childhood? ... I should probably get a grip and just eat the thing.

This is a strange one. I'm not sure if I like it or not. Every time I take a bite, the flavour changes. This does not say much for my skills as a candy reviewer. Honestly, at first it just kind of tastes like white chocolate; the strawberry and cream flavours don’t really come into play. In fact, at first, I thought there was no strawberry flavour at all. Then, the cream sinks in just a bit. It's nice, in fact the nicest part of the whole bar. This is followed by a strawberry flavour, which doesn't really hit while you're eating; it's more of an aftertaste.

The cream flavour they've put into these bars in the past has been great, their cookies and cream bar being the best example. This treat feels a little cheap; the strawberry flavour just doesn't cut it for me. The texture is fine, but the flavour just leaves me wanting a cookies and cream bar instead of this strawberry bar.