Hershey "Raisins & Almonds"


One of the best things about any of the Hershey bars is the simplicity and the classic touch. I’ve written about Hershey Bars in the past, and it still remains to be one of the bars that hasn’t gone off the rails with crazy flavours. There’s always a Hershey bar for you to enjoy, it could be simple chocolate, or maybe with a few ingredients added into the mix. Hershey Bars keep it simple, in an attempt I assume to keep Americans happy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Americans are bland, but I do think they have a healthy respect for the simple pleasures in life, and a Hershey Bar often represents that.

This bar is just that, a simple chocolate bar with classic flavours added in. Almonds and raisins are a sure fire mix with chocolate, it's worked in the past and it still works today. The balance of ingredients keeps every part of this bar in check, making sure nothing shines brighter than any other ingredient. The other beauty of this bar is the quality of the chocolate, top notch for mass produced bars. Few companies know chocolate like these guys.

While it's very important for candy companies to keep up original ideas, it's just as important for them to keep up the classics with some new twists as well. Hershey’s manages this while still not going too crazy. That’s a choice that they’ve made, and I think it works for them. I don’t think I would want a bacon flavoured Hershey Bar, it would just seem so very wrong.