Boooo Bands

Flix Candy

I don’t get it. Why would someone want to put on a wrist band that you can eat, and more importantly why would someone want to put on a sticky wrist band that you can eat. From what I know this style of wristband came about when charities wanted to promote themselves by producing wristbands with either slogans or causes written on them. These wristbands would be made of rubber and would not have been tasty (or edible) at all.

So, some Flix Candy figure it’s a good idea to make candy versions of these candy wristbands, and rather than put on causes or slogans they just have scary words (or at least that’s the case here). This particular band is supposed to be green apple flavoured and has the word “boo” written across it. The good news is that although these are labeled as being green apple they in fact have very little flavour at all. It’s also good news that I was not in fact afraid of the word “boo,” scrawled across it.

So as a wristband it’s a failure, and as a candy it’s pretty much a failure as well. It’s not fun to wear, and it tastes like nothing in particular, so it’s not tasty either. The only thing I can say is it’s pretty rubbery which is good for the wristband but not for consumption.