5th Avenue


I have to say that I did not eat this particular bar on 5th Avenue; more like a grassy knoll in a park. Also, the bar was not in what you might call in "mint condition". After a long walk in the great outdoors, the bar had melted slightly in my bag. By "slightly" I mean a lot. Having said that, I love melted chocolate so all is not lost.

This treat is very similar to a Butterfinger or Crispy Crunch, although it's not overly sweet or sticky like the Butterfinger. It has a bit more of a nutty or peanut flavour to be exact. The chocolate (although melted) is great - not the highest quality in the world but not bad. The fact that it melted easily in my bag proves that it’s fairly good. I would have been very disappointed if the chocolate was so cheap that it didn't melt at all. That's a good test; I think if your bar melts in the sun quickly, the chocolate is most likely pretty good quality.

I would probably be happy to try this bar again, maybe on not such a hot day. Having said that if you can still enjoy a bar after it’s sat and melted in your bag, that’s pretty high praise. After all the melting I think this bar is best summed upped by my friend who said, "M&Ms this is not."