5 Star "Crunchy"


I have a problem, I like this bar, but I also hate it. Every single element of this bar works. The chocolate is creamy, the chocolate nougat is nice and soft, the caramel is chewy, and the rice crisps are crunchy. These are also ingredients that traditionally work together, and in some ways they do. The problem is that there's just too much going on.

While each ingredient works together, when I bite into this bar it just seems like too much. That's not to say that you can't make a bar with this number of elements, it's just that all of these particular elements don't work together in this large a group. You could probably subtract any one of them and the bar would greatly improve. Although if I could choose, I'd probably take away the crunchy cereal bits.

I think the problem with this bar is just bad chemistry. It's just the wrong elements mixed together. The ratio and quality are all fantastic, there's just something a little strange going on. It's weird because I do like this bar; it just doesn’t work when it all comes together.