3 Bit XXL


I've never tasted one of these before. I’ve never bought one of these before. In fact, I've never even heard of the 3 Bit XXL bar before. But the minute I bit into this treat, it was like I've always loved it. This bar rocks, it's got balance, high-quality ingredients, and it's even a little bit different. The chocolate coating was nice and smooth, obviously made with some very good quality chocolate. The cookie did not overpower, which happens so often with any bar that has a cookie in the center. Although I didn't have a clue what flavour the white cream was, it really added a lot to this bar.

The only bad thing I have to say is this bar is that it does melt fairly quickly, likely because it’s made with really great ingredients. I can easily overlook this problem since it tastes so good. This bar is a must try for any candy fanatic, the problem is finding it depending on where you live. This is yet another case of a great bar that seems to limited by geography.