3 Bit Gaufreto


It's been a long time since I've tasted any of the 3 Bit series of bars (here’s my review of the 3 Bit XXL). Back when I did my first review of one of these bars, I found the bar to be pretty tasty and I really enjoyed the texture. This time, I'm not so impressed. I'm not really sure what an original 3 Bit chocolate bar is supposed to be since I seem to be only reviewing variations of this bar, but I sure hope it isn't like this version.

I shouldn't really be that harsh on this bar. It's not that it has any particularly disgusting feature, in fact all of the ingredients are OK. I think that’s the problem with this bar, it's just OK. It's not fantastic in any area, it's actually kind of dull. Lately I've become disappointed when I come across a bar that is dull. Maybe I'm becoming a chocolate bar snob, and I’m always looking for the next great thing. I just can't seem to eat a simple bar now a days and not complain about how normal/boring it is.

So, I guess I should be a little nicer. The chocolate in this bar is fine, it’s not the best chocolate in the world, but it’s fine. There are a few too many wafers that makes the bar a little dry, but the wafers taste OK. The chocolate filling between the wafers is OK as well. I guess if you want a simple wafer bar, then this is a fine treat to have. You won't be blown away or anything, but you'll probably be relatively satisfied.