100 Grand


I'm sure glad this didn't cost 100 Grand because I'd go broke buying them up. I don’t make that much as a Candy Critic. This candy treat was a great surprise by the lovely folks at Nestlé. While I’m sure some of you are very familiar with the 100 Grand bar, in Canada we don't really see it too often. I've never seen any advertising for this caramel, crisp, and chocolate bar, anywhere around me, and it's a shame.

This bar not only contains a great combination of ingredients, it also balances them out very well. Too much chocolate and you’d lose the texture of the crisps. Too much caramel and it would be too sweet. Too many crisps and this bar would feel cheap. The perfect balance is needed, even though we all know the ingredients work well together.

This could easily be one of the sleeper hit bars out there right now. Why this bar isn’t available in more places really perplexes me. I think this combination and the quality of this bar would work all over the world. If you get a chance, pick one up and if enough people do it, it just might make the mainstream all over the world.