Turtles "Egg"


The treat is a little strange. It's a little strange because turtles do actually lay eggs. It feels like someone has gone to a beach on a tropical island and dug up eggs, packaged them with an obvious name figuring that people would think there's no way these are real turtle eggs. And although I'm fairly certain these aren't in fact real turtle eggs the name puts this scenario in my head and I find it a little disturbing.

The strange name of this treat is not the last thing I found disturbing about this egg either. When I opened it up I had found that I had an egg with a leak. The entire top portion of my foil-covered egg had in fact sprung a leak causing the foil to stick like you wouldn't believe. I spent a great deal of time making sure that there was in fact no foil left stuck to my egg because frankly even the idea of eating the foil sends chills up my spine. Funny to, because I thought the new type of egg packaging was kind of cool, but as it turns out it doesn't save your treat from destruction.

After finally biting into it my day of disappointment only continued. My worst fear was brought to life when I discovered that they didn't use the same kind of chewy caramel that they regularly use on Turtles. This caramel was a much softer and far less flavourful caramel than their chocolate cousins. The chocolate basically overtook the flavour of the whole treat with the occasional nut for texture. I'm really disappointed in this treat because Turtles are normally a really nicely balanced high quality chocolate, this egg just didn't cut it one bit.