This is not a fair review. It's not fair because I have such a sentimental attachment to this candy that I didn't even think about reviewing it in the past. It's such an important part of my regular existence that I don't even think about it being something to review. The tradition in our house is simple, every year (for about as long as I can remember) our household buys a box of Toffifee for Christmas. We have guests over for Christmas and usually a few of them get eaten by them. Then the box is slowly finished by me throughout the holiday season into the new year. Eating Toffifee during the holiday season is almost instinctual for me at this point. The interesting thing is that I don't really eat them any other time of the year.

It's also been a while since I've eaten a Toffifee objectively. Since you know this is likely going to be a glowing review, I'll start with the negative. I often find that Toffifee don't seem to stay in perfect condition. I don't know if this is a factory thing or a storage/transportation thing, but I often find that the caramel bowl is full of flaws and holes. I also find that almost half of the Toffifee in each tray are off center either in how they're placed in the tray or how the chocolate glob is not centered. Sure, this is a little thing, but I like my fine chocolates to be perfect.

As far as the good goes, flavour wise there's not much you can say wrong about these. They take four flavours that traditionally work together and blend them perfectly. The ratio of hazelnut, caramel, nougat and chocolate is perfect. You'd think that the little dot of chocolate on the top wouldn't balance with the rest of the cup, but it does. The hazelnut is also great because it adds a very different texture and a little nutty flavour.

I will eat this entire box of Toffifee, unless someone asks for one in which case I will share because I'm a good guy and I’m feeling generous.