February 2024








T Queen "Almonds"

Chocolat Lamontagne

This is an average or even slightly below average chocolate bar that could be awesome. I’ll start by saying that I believe the point of this chocolate bar is to be inexpensive, and I have a few opinions on inexpensive candy bars. I understand that sometimes you can’t or don’t want to pay for an expensive piece of chocolate. I understand that chocolate can be very pricey. The thing is, I would prefer to have a small piece of finer chocolate, than an average or large piece of horrible chocolate. I feel like it satisfies people more and it’s actually healthier.

This bar could easily be improved two ways. You can start by improving the quality of the chocolate. This bar did not have much in the way of a cocoa flavour. It tasted vaguely of chocolate but was way too sweet. It also didn’t melt very well in my mouth. At no point did I feel like I could melt one of these squares away in my mouth without it taking several hours. I felt the need to chew because if I didn’t the square would have just sat there and poked my cheek over and over again. It was almost like sucking on a piece of plastic.

The almonds are another way this bar could be improved. I’m not sure how high quality the almonds were because there really weren’t enough to get a good taste. They were also pulverized into fairly small pieces. While there was a little bit of crunch here and there, the low quality chocolate flavour dominated this bar entirely which was amazing considering how much more chocolaty this bar could have been. I actually like the combination of almonds and chocolate, but this bar really didn’t celebrate that at all.

This was not a great bar. It wasn’t horrible, but it was disappointing. Maybe disappointing is the wrong word since I knew it was inexpensive and I wasn’t really expecting that much. I just feel like this bar could have been better, and maybe making it a smaller in size would have worked.