Sun Chips "Harvest Cheddar"


Sure, I could have just stayed home today, I could have enjoyed the comfort of my own home and eaten this multigrain snack all warm and snug in my bed. But why waste something called "Sun" Chips on the indoors, why not eat them in the sun? That an eating chips in bed is a pretty bad idea, particularly when you’re as messy an eater as I am. So here I am, in the sun, with my sunglasses on, about to make this day a little brighter. I should write commercials for these guys.

I went with the cheese flavoured Sun Chips because... well because... I guess I just like cheese. Flavour wise these chips really work well because the multigrain flavour of the chips really compliments the cheese flavour. Cheese on potato chips can sometimes be overpowering, but the multigrain chip is more like a cracker and can really handle the full-on cheese assault. It also helps that they don't over due the cheese stuff either. It's a good balance with a good style of chip.

I also really like the ripples in these chips. They're fun, they hold in a little extra cheese, and they're also a little different than the potato chip style ripple. I guess I should also mention the fact that they are multigrain. I mean if you care about that type of thing it could be a plus. To be honest I don't bother reading the packages for that kind of thing, so I'm not really sure if they are any better for you at all. The important thing is that these Sun Chips are tasty, and are fun to eat, if they’re at all healthy it’s an added bonus.