Sunburst Candy Coated Sunflower Kernels

Kimmie Candy Company

People… its about time. It’s about time that candy companies learned about sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds rock, and you know what? Not enough companies use them in their candies and snacks. Why this happens I really don't know. I don’t think sunflower seeds are particularly expensive, and I don’t think that too many people are allergic to them. I also think that there’s a lot of people in the world that really like them. Maybe it’s the flavour that’s scaring candy companies away, maybe they just don’t know how to use the awesome sunflower seed flavour in a creative way. I think that’s nuts, or maybe it’s seeds.

These Sunburst Candy Coated Sunflower Kernels not only use a unique ingredient, but they use it well. The best part has to be the candy, to chocolate, to seed ratio. Getting the amount of each of these ingredients is critical and, in this case, its a perfect balance. This can be a real challenge, considering there really isn’t any reference for using sunflower seeds in this way.

Sunflower lovers all over the world should be proud of these Sunburst Candy Coated Sunflower Kernels. That sounds wrong… I’m not sure anyone would want to be called a sunflower lover"? I’m thinking if you’re a "Sunflower Lover", you might want to get some help, or some human friends. If you simply enjoy a tasty sunflower seed as a snack, and you want to try something new, buy some of these.