January 2022





Snickers "Creamy Peanut Butter"


I may have already reviewed this bar or this might be something completely different. A while back I reviewed the Snickers “Peanut Butter” bar and it didn’t do that well. Then recently I discovered this Snickers “Creamy Peanut Butter”, and wasn’t sure if it was the same thing. The bar was on sale, so I figured why not give it a try. After rereading my review I’m not entirely convinced it’s the same bar, but I’m also not sure if they really made that much of a different bar. It’s once again a standard Snickers bar, only with the peanuts crushed into oblivion. It’s totally possible that the peanut butter in this bar is smoother than the peanut butter in the other bar, I really don’t remember.

I’m also not really that impressed with this bar, similar to the other bar. It’s a soft bar with no real character. I also found that the ingredients seemed to meld together and it turned into a sweet caramel nougat bar with a hint of peanut butter flavour. I feel like all of the ingredients didn’t shine at all, but it also didn’t real blend into something that spectacular. I still think this bar would work better if you kept the peanuts and swapped out one of the other ingredients.

This bar also suffered from something that I don’t remember happening with the last Snickers “Peanut Butter” bar and it’s all about the manufacturing. In fact I can’t ever remember having any Snickers bar that was so poorly made. The package is so tightly wrapped around the bar that it actually squishes the two little squares (I forgot to mention that it’s not one big bar but two little squares). Not only that, but one of my squares was much taller than the other. Almost one third taller. I felt like the standards at the factory that made these was just not very high. This is surprising since I’ve never had a problem like this with a Snickers bar before.

I was not happy with this bar. I feel like the design was really off, and the manufacturing was pretty terrible.