Whenever I come across a treat like this I'm always a little baffled as to how I should rate the Novelty. I look at the package and read the clever name "Skipjacks" and I assume that it's something that's been around for a while. I wonder to myself "Why do they call them Skipjacks, who came up with that name, was it some old lady in the Southern US that made them for her kids?" I guess my question is are these Skipjacks something new and exciting, or are these just something I've never heard of in Canada.

I guess either way they're new to me, and best of all they're pretty tasty. I've never really been a fan of Oyster Crackers before, most likely because of the odd name, but covered in chocolate these crackers are pretty tasty. The flavour works well because you get that classic blend of sweet and savoury all in one. This is a combination that’s worked well in the past, and works well with these crackers.

Flavour aside the texture of these Skipjacks is awesome. Just the right amount of chocolate around a crunchy cracker makes for a fun mouth sensation. I'm so glad that the proportions are just right because that could have been a huge issue. Too much chocolate and you lose the crunch, too much cracker and the smoothness of the chocolate is lost.

Tasty chocolate, crunchy cracker, these are ok.