Ozmo Cornet

Solen Cikolata Gida San

When it comes to candies delivered in cones, I have a pretty strong bias against them. Most (but not all) of the time I find that candies that come delivered in a cone are cheap, low quality candies. It's not to say that I don't like them, it's just that I often find the ingredients to be of lower quality. It's not just the filling that is of low quality; often the cone itself is stale, tasteless, or so light that it just crumbles. A cone themed treat is rarely something that I look forward to, until today.

This cone is the exception to the common rule of cone themed treats. It's not the best treat I've ever eaten in my life, but it might be one of the best cone themed treats I've ever tried. The design is simple, chocolate and candy covered chocolate, in a nice high quality cone. When I took my first bite, I was expecting the chocolate to be hard and figured the treat would just fall apart, but I was wrong. The chocolate was soft and smooth, and it allowed me to take my time eating the cones contents. The candy-covered chocolate (like and M&M or Smarties) were fine, it was probably my least favorite part of this treat, but it did give it a little bit of texture.

The cone however was a great highlight. Instead of a cheap (and possibly stale) cone, the Ozmo Cornet has a nice thick high quality sugar cone. This cone actually adds to the treat with a sweet taste and a great crunchy texture. The crunch is good enough to give it texture, but not so much that the entire thing falls apart on the first bite. I've tasted a few cone themed treats before that were not that great, but if they had a cone like this, I think I would have enjoyed them much more. I think a few candy companies could learn from the Ozmo Cornet. The trick is to make sure that each element doesn't just ad to the novelty, each element must also work to improve the taste and texture as well.