O - Europe - Unique

Ourson Chocolat


Taste: 3

Texture: 3

Novelty: 1 or 2

All scores out of 5

The chocolate was sparse, the bear was ugly, and the cake was wet and oily. Funny thing is I really didn't mind it that much. I guess it could have used a little more chocolate but it didn't taste that bad. The real problem I have with the Chocolate Bear (translated) is that I've been seeing a lot of these "shaped" cake snacks lately so this treat completely lacks any originality.

The problem I often have with a series of copycat snacks is I don't know whom to blame for ripping whom off. All I can say is I preferred the Igor (monkey shaped cake) more because it was a monkey and we all know that monkeys are far cooler than bears. Particularly bears on roller blades, how lame is that.

Cake wise it's not bad, I mean it's no Hostess Cup Cake, but it's fairly good. The chocolate was ok, but a little thin, but the bear shape is kind of stupid and not well done at all. I guess if you're really into bears, you might enjoy the novelty of this treat. But if you're looking for a superior packaged treat, or if you're into monkeys, this treat will surely disappoint.