Tic Tac "Orange"


I'm going to have a hard time writing this review because of the fond memories I have of orange Tic Tacs. I've been eating orange Tic Tacs for as long as I can remember, and it has imprinted itself on my memory. All of the memories I have of this candy are fond, from ridding my bike while dumping whole packages of these into my mouth, to using the package as storage boxes for my G.I.Joe's weapons. The minute I bite into an orange Tic Tac the flavour floods my mind with fond childhood memories.

This makes doing an honest review of these pretty difficult. To start off I can say that the only Tic Tac flavour that I’ve ever liked was the orange. I can tolerate the mint flavours, but orange is the only flavour that I will ever buy. The other problem I have with these is the method to which I enjoy eating them. I like to take down at least a quarter of the package in one gulp, if not more. This way my mouth is flooded with orange flavour. I also like chewing my Tic Tacs, there's something about that burst of flavour you get when you bite into a mouthful of orange Tic Tacs that just puts a smile on my face.

In an attempt to be fair, I decided that I would try and eat just one Tic Tac, and instead of biting it, I sucked it. I figure that if I eat one of these the way you're supposed to eat them, maybe I'll get a clear picture as to weather or not these are actually a good candy or just a fond memory. Honestly, when you suck just one Tic Tac, the flavour is pretty weak. I know that Tic Tacs advertise themselves as being a "mint" candy, but the flavour is so weak when you eat just one that I'm thinking it's not going to do anything for your breath.

The other thing I’ve noticed about these when I actually suppressed my memories and try to eat them without a bias is that the orange Tic Tacs have a slight minty aftertaste. It's a little strange, but it doesn't over power the orange, so it's not that bad.

I love orange Tic Tacs, and the numbers in this review are going to reflect that. But keep in mind that if you want to truly enjoy these candies you have to eat at least a quarter of the package in one bite, and crunch them. It also doesn’t hurt to have many fond childhood memories to go with it.

Suck Time: about 3 min