You want to know what these Munchies things tasted like? I’m sure you do or you wouldn’t have clicked on a link in a candy review website. Have you ever had a Rolo?.. No wait.... Have you ever had a Twix?.. No that's not right either. You know what these Munchies taste like? If a Twix bar and a Rolo got together and had children. It’s sort of like some kind of weird candy offspring.

Each one of these Munchies has the caramel and bite-sized piece factors like the classic Rolo. They also have the balance of cookie, caramel and chocolate from a Twix. These things are actually pretty good and it’s not surprising, they seem to be made up of two classic candies. Best of all it’s a combination of two candies that work well together. It’s also a combination I would never have thought of, but after seeing it, it makes perfect sense.

Everything in these Munchies balances nicely, and they’re perfect to share, not that you'd want to. I have to say, this is another victory for the British candy industry and I say its about time we saw these in North America.