Miss Vickie's Original Recipe "Reduced Fat"

Miss Vickie's

It's been a while since I've had a bag of Miss Vickie's potato chips, and I'm not sure if the "reduced fat" thing on the package is happening to all their chips or is this a special reduced fat version of their classic chips. I guess what I'm asking is, can you buy a non-reduced fat version of Miss Vickie’s chips anymore, and do they taste any different? Sometimes snack companies develop a new way to make their classic snack where it's a little "healthier" but still tastes the same. When they do this, they sometimes just use the new method for all of their snacks and eliminate the old way of doing things. This can work really well sometimes; however, it's also been known to ruin a business as well (I'm looking at you "New Coke").

Objectively if we look at these chips, I'd say that this reduction in fat is a good thing. I say this because this is a very good potato chip. In fact, I would say that if you want to eat a mass-produced chip that's very good, even though it's not very exciting, this would be the chip to eat. It's not a novel chip by any means, but it's good enough that anybody who enjoys the flavour of salt and potato will truly like this chip. It's a nice balance of flavour, and it makes the natural flavour of the potato shine. I should mention at this point that I actually really like the flavour of potatoes.

Texture wise this chip is also really great. It's a little crunchier than your average potato chip, but it's not too crunchy at all. I would say that texture wise these are on the heavier end, but not so bad that it feels uncomfortable. It feels like you're biting into something with substance.

This chip is really the bar where chips should be measured. Sure, there are some flavours of chips that are "better" flavoured, but as a chip on its own, this is almost the perfect chip. If I do come across a regular fat version, I'll give it a try, but if this is a full switch over, mission accomplished Miss Vickie's.