Mars Bar "Europe"


For this review I've decided to get a little clever. I've decided that I'm going to review this treat twice in a row, once at its regular temperature, and then again frozen. I'm doing this because I've been told that frozen, these Mars bars are even better. In fact, this idea has been taken to such extremes, that I have on occasion even seen them for sale in freezers. So here goes:

Let's start with the room temperature Mars Bar. The way I feel about the Mars Bar is kind of complicated. The taste of this bar is great; it's chocolaty with just a hint of caramel. It's kind of sweet, but in a good way, for those that like sweet treats. The problem I have with this bar is the nougat. I'm not a big fan of the Mars Bar's nougat at all, mostly because it's way too fluffy. I much prefer nougat with a bit of stickiness, and some stiffness to it. For some reason I feel this nougat just feels like air, and frankly it ruins the texture of this bar. It could be improved with nuts, but that's just because there's something more than the nougat, and also less nougat.

Now let's try it frozen. I should start off by telling you that it's been in my freezer for about 3 hours now. Wow, what a texture difference. It goes from being a bar that your teeth just melt through, to something of a challenge to eat. Texturally I have to say that I like this Mars bar frozen a lot more, although that's not saying much since I hated the texture of it warm. But frozen the textures not bad, even a little challenging, and the flavour is exactly the same. I have to say frozen; this bar is much better.