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I've actually been waiting to write this review for a long time now. I've been waiting for the great excuse to write a fudge review for a while now, because to be honest I couldn't really decide what kind of fudge to write about. Now don't freak out or anything because I am aware that I wrote a review for Spudge (potato fudge) a little while ago, but this is different. Actually, Spudge is the different thing (it’s fudge made out of potatoes), this is pure, simple, nothing strange about it fudge. The people at Mackinac Fudge Shop made all of the choices of flavours for me when they sent me this box. I guess the real question still remains unanswered, is it any good?

I received three different flavours, and I've spent three days thinking about which flavour would be the most appropriate to review, chocolate, chocolate walnut, or peanut butter. After much deliberation and the fact that this review deadline is up, I've decided to review all three, so here goes:

This is pretty good; I say this with my mouth full and a little tear in my eye. This fudge is better than that, this fudge is really good. Pure simple and that's why I chose to review chocolate first, to set the bar. This particular chocolate fudge is nice and smooth chocolaty and basically tastes like I'm eating really high quality icing (this is truly a high compliment). It does have a bit of a coconut flavour though, particularly in the aftertaste, I'm not a fan of that.

Peanut Butter
I'd have to say that out of all the flavours this is the most unconventional. It's not the most unconventional fudge that I've ever tasted (bubble gum was) but I also figured it would break up the chocolate and chocolate walnut flavours up a bit. Now it's not that I don't like peanut butter, or that I don't like this fudge, but peanut butter flavoured stuff doesn't always do it for me, and this flavour although tasty isn't the best fudge I've ever eaten.

Chocolate Walnut
If you want to know how this fudge tasted you can pretty much just read the chocolate review. I had to take a bit of a larger chunk of this just to get a reasonable amount of walnuts too. It's tasty and great but I'd prefer a little more crunch and texture that the walnuts could give me.