Love Hearts


I'm having a hard time deciding if I like these Love Hearts or not. They're not particularly creative, and the flavors are almost impossible to identify. Creatively they're candy hearts, sort of. They're not really heart shaped, but are in fact candy disks with hearts and messages etched into them. They look pretty cheap, but that's not all that seems cheap about them. The colours are really pale, sometimes you can't distinguish them from each other. The flavor is also cheap, they're impossible to guess what flavor each colour is supposed to be. The slightly tart flavor outweighs the fruity flavor by a long shot. You can pick out a bit of fruity flavour, but you really have to dig deep.

It may appear that this is just a bad candy, but there's something I like about them as well. The texture isn't that bad, they crunch nicely and dissolve fairly quickly. The thing I really like is the fizzy feeling these Love Hearts leave behind. It's like having a glass of soda that sticks around for a few seconds after you drink it. The fizz is so pleasant that it makes me smile every time I eat one. I don't know if I've ever eaten a candy with such a cheap flavour, but such a fun texture.

On a side note, I must say I'm rather confused about the messages these candies are giving me. One candy will say “I Love You”, and the next says "Just Say No". With the great texture but horrible flavour, and the weird messages written on the candies, it's both a mixed message in the candy and outside the candy.