Lay's Inspired by "The United Kingdom Cheese & Onion"


If you were to give me a plate of cheese and onions, I'd likely turn my nose up and walk away, even if there were a bowl of chips sitting next to it. Take those cheese and onions and process them, then sprinkle that on the chips and I'm in love. I generally don't like onions. I eat them cooked, and I'm fine if it's used as a spice, but raw onions on a burger or in a salad generally doesn't work for me. The thing is, onion flavoured chips are some of my favourite flavours. Sour cream and onion, and now cheese and onion just seem to work all of the time. It's not that these onion flavoured chips don't taste like onions either, I think in many cases there might even be real onions in the mix. This likely works because these chip companies use onion as a spice, and not an ingredient.

My only complaint about these chips is a strange one. The balance of onion, to cheese, to chip is pretty good, but it might be better with a bit more onion and cheese. I'm not certain that would improve it, but I got the sense that more might have been better. Having said that I really enjoyed these, and I found that the flavours worked really well. I also appreciated that my hands weren't covered in cheese and onion powder at the end. For me there's just something about a super cheesy chip that makes me happy.

I also appreciated that Lay's did a bit of homework when it came to these chips. Walker, and several other UK chip companies make a cheese and onion chip. They've even made a chocolate bar with cheese and onion chips in the UK (that didn't go very well), so it's safe to say that this blend is very popular in that part of the world.