Kit Kat "Matcha Green Tea"


I'm starting to get tired of these green tea Kit Kat bar reviews. The strange thing about them however is how different they are. This, much like many of the green tea Kit Kat bars I've reviewed is actually matcha green tea flavoured. If you're unfamiliar, matcha is a form of Japanese green tea where you use a green tea powder instead of larger chunks of leaves, and you whisk it until it's frothy. You also don't steep this kind of green tea, instead you drink tea leaves with the water. I'm not sure if that technically makes it no longer a tea, as tea is often steeped, but it is made with tea leaves.

The thing that makes this Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea different from the others is where it was made, Europe, and then imported to North America. All of the other matcha Kit Kat bars I've tasted were made in Asia. It's a little weird that Nestle in either Europe or North America would choose to make a matcha Kit Kat bar considering it's a drink not very common in those parts of the world. I expect they created it because of how popular Japanese flavours (and in particular Japanese flavours of Kit Kat bars) are in North America and Europe right now.

As for the bar itself, it's fine. I'd actually say that this matcha Kit Kat is as middle of the road flavour wise as matcha Kit Kat bars can be. Some of the Japanese matcha bars were pretty heavy on the matcha flavour thus making them fairly bitter. Other Japanese matcha Kit Kat bars went a little heavier on the white chocolate flavour, thus making them smoother and creamier. This one had a bit of bitterness, but it wasn't that intense at all. If you're going for an authentic matcha flavour, I'd say it misses the mark a bit. If you're unfamiliar with matcha then this bar shouldn't be too shocking for you.

What I'd really like to see, and I'm surprised Nestle in Europe/North America didn't go for, is a simple plain tea Kit Kat bar. I'd even be happy with a regular green tea Kit Kat bar. While this bar is fine, I just feel like it's un-original. It feels like they didn't really try that hard to come up with something new. Almost like they're simply making this bar so people in Europe and North America could enjoy a matcha Kit Kat bar for less money than the imports. Maybe that's a nice thing, but I can't say that it's a very interesting idea.