Cracker Jack Brittle

Natasha's Just Brittle

There is something very unique about the flavour of this brittle. I can't really place it, but there's something in the flavour that makes this brittle taste a little different than I'm used to. My first guess might be some kind of spice, maybe cayenne pepper, or maybe black pepper, something that gives it a different something. I could be totally wrong about that, and it could be that the brittle has a slight burnt flavour that gives the same kind of kick and a very little bit of heat. No matter what this flavour is, it presents something really original, and works very well in brittle.

The Cracker Jack selection of bits is also really nice in this treat. The nuts are broken down into small enough pieces that they're not too intrusive, but big enough to give you a nice crunch. The popcorn is also a nice texture addition, and not something I'm used to having in my brittle. The brittle itself is tempered perfectly. It's very brittle, as it should be, and it sticks to your teeth just a little bit. To me this is exactly what you want in a brittle, too hard and it hurts your teeth, too soft and it's too sticky.

My only complaint about this brittle is the lack of salt. The package says there is salt added, but I'm a big fan of the salty/sweet combination, and I think this could have used a bit more salt to balance out the sweet a little. I also think that the salt would have highlighted the mystery flavour a little bit more as well.