Here are some of the early attempts at a podcast, or as we call it Junk Fud 1.0:

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Episode 009 - Pizza Power - Mark and I talk about all the great things pizza has to offer, including a little history on the subject.

Episode 008 - Brent In Japan - Brent talks to us about food in Japan, and also about the food he wants from Canada.

Episode 007 - In Defence of Junk Food - My first solo show where I talk about why I believe that many in the junk food industry are more inocent than you might think.

Episode 006 - An American Take - Mark chats with us about some of the treats he likes in the USA, including treats imported from all over the world.

Episode 005 - Eating TV and the Movies - Gino and Alisha talk to us about junk food in television and the movies.

Episode 004 - The Science of Eating - Dr Rob Stewart an expert on sense and perception talks to us about how we taste, and how flavours work with our brains.

Episode 003 - Down Under - Kristen stops by with a bag of Tim Tams, and she talks about her favorite Australian treats.

Episode 002 - His First Twinkie - We talk with Jonathan about British treats as well as his favorite treats from other countries. We finish up with Jonathan tasting his first ever Twinkie.

Episode 001 - Missing Canada - We talk with Gino and Rachel, two Canadians who have been out of their home country for the last few months, and we find out what they miss about Canadian junk food and what they've seen overseas.

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