Iddy Biddy Bunnies

Russell Stover

This is an idea that could have gone so wrong so easily. Some might say that it's a simple concept, making regular chocolate bunnies really small, but it's not. A simple candy company wouldn't worry about the details when making such a treat. They would take out any detail in the design, and simply make them tiny little silhouettes of bunnies. You could also use really low-quality chocolate in the making of these bunnies, because who cares, it's just a gimmick anyways.

Fortunately, the folks at Russell Stover didn't fall into any of the traps that many candy companies would fall into. First of all, the quality of the chocolate used in these bunnies is very good. Each bunny melted in my mouth and released a pleasant, smooth, creamy texture. Best of all was the shape of these bunnies. Each one... well almost each one, I had two slightly misshapen bunnies, but most of them where in perfect condition. I was also really impressed with the amount of detail in the look of these bunnies. They were each and excellent tiny piece of bunny art. Each bunny had a face, and a cute little decorated egg attached to it. They even had a furry texture, which is something you wouldn't expect from a bunny that's about the size of a quarter.

I think it would be wrong to say that these aren't a bit of a gimmick, but they're a gimmick that tasted great and looked fantastic.