Hershey's Gold "Peanuts & Pretzels"


I see what they’re trying to do here, but I’m not sure it’s working. From what I can tell this bar is trying to be the ultimate blend of sweet and salty. It seems like they’re trying to refine this bar into the best blend of this very popular and tasty combination. There is one problem, and it’s a big one, they combine it too well. This bar is actually a combination of four different flavours, white chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and pretzels. The problem is that I don’t taste a single one of these ingredients, with the exception of a slight peanut aftertaste. The bar has a really unique flavour, and it’s not horrible, but it is a little weird.

I think the reason salty and sweet works is because you have the transition of the two flavours going on quickly in your mouth. It’s nice when the salty is toned down by the sweet, and when the sweet is pushed away by the bitter salty. It’s a battle in your mouth that leads to a fun transition of flavours. The problem with this bar is the transition never happens. Your mouth has this weird balance that leans towards sweet, but not really. Salt on chocolate works, but I don’t think salty chocolate would work as well. The other thing that’s totally lost is the caramel flavour, I don’t think caramel flavoured chocolate works in best of times, but with this strange combination it’s even less effective.

The texture is also problematic for similar reasons. The crunchy ingredients are pounded into almost nothing leaving a gritty texture. Pretzels are best when you can bite into them with a satisfying crunch. The peanuts might still work pounded into dust, but you run into the problem of it feeling more like an unsuccessful peanut butter bar.

This bar could have worked, but it was just too processed. Also, as an added negative, it appears Hershey has changed the way they separate their bars, and instead of simple squares they’ve turned it into a complicated puzzle that looks like a piece of modern art rather than a simple chocolate bar. I had a hard time breaking it apart without breaking one of the squares in half, and it’s now almost impossible to stop eating this bar without leaving a weird shape behind.