Gummy Candy Corn


How much you like these gummies depends greatly on how much you like candy corn. If you hate candy corn this will be torture for you. Imagine having to work harder to get at a candy corn flavour, and then the flavour lingers longer than with traditional candy corn. If you're OK with candy corn, you'll probably enjoy these quite a bit. If you love candy corn, you might be a little disappointed because the flavour isn't nearly as strong as regular candy corn.

I'm always a little confused when I come across candies that are imitating other candies. Why would you copy someone when there are so many other avenues in the candy world? In this case I'm not disappointed, because at least they managed to get the essence of the original treat down fairly well. I just don't really understand why someone would go for these over regular candy corn. I'm sure a lot of work went into designing these (as all candies take research and development), so why not take that time and money and make something unique.

As gummies go these are fairly average. They're not particularly creative, but they taste like what you would expect, although not very strong. They look good enough, or similar enough to candy corn. The texture is a little tough, but if you're up for a good chew it's fine.