Chips Deluxe Gripz


The texture of a chocolate chip cookie is one of the most important factors of any cookie. These Chips Deluxe Gripz, which are just little tiny cookies, really only have one texture, crunchy. Sure, crunchy is a good texture to have in a cookie, but in a chocolate chip cookie I also like to sink my teeth into soft chocolate and maybe even enjoy a little soft dough in the middle as well. These cookies give me none of that at all, I’m left wanting more.

What you get in a bag of Chips Deluxe Gripz is those little drips of cookie that you find on the baking sheet after you bake a batch of cookies. It’s those over cooked cookie bits that my father used to call hamster cookies, because we would feed them to our hamsters because they were the right proportion for them. Now in moderation the little drops of cookie you have when you bake cookies can be fun. I mean, I get excited at the idea of a mini cookie on my cookie sheet, but a whole bag of them just gets tired quickly.

I guess they taste ok and I get a hint of chocolate flavour, even though the chocolate chips are tiny. I'm not 100% sure they're real chocolate chips though, they may just be coloured bits of cookie. Now that I think about that, I'm starting to get disappointed, I should probably finish this review, and the bag of Chips Deluxe Gripz, and have some ice cream or something to cheer me up.