Milk Chocolate Eggs "with a Hazelnut Praline Filling"


These are Easter eggs. They're oval, they're filled with a chocolate hazelnut filling, and the quality is pretty good. If I were just looking at these details, this treat would get an OK review. The hazelnut filling is smooth, plentiful enough, and tastes great. The chocolate is a nice German chocolate that melts in your mouth and adds a lot to the hazelnut flavour. The shape is very average for this time of year, round, strange little stripes, a sure sign of Easter. So, what do these eggs offer that hundreds of other chocolate eggs don't?

Size. I've never really given much thought about Easter egg sizes until today. Easter eggs come in a fairly large variety of sizes, from tiny little foil wrapped eggs, to giant boxed eggs that can weigh many pounds. I've never really thought about how the size of an egg can effect the enjoyment of eating them, until today. These eggs are the perfect two bite eggs. The standard smaller foil eggs are often one (or even half) of a bite, and you have to painstakingly unwrap a second to get another taste. Large eggs can often be too much for a quick bite, and then you're left having to store a bunch of broken egg pieces.

These eggs on the other hand are just perfect. I really like the idea of a treat that consists of two bites. The first bite is always the pleasure (or pain) bite. It's the bite that you don't really have time to think about what you're eating; you just get a gut reaction. If the reaction is good, like it is with these eggs, you want another bite. Fortunately, with these you get just that, and then you're done. It may not seem like much of an advantage, but I really think that these eggs will forever be the marker for the perfect size for a chocolate treat.