Dadu "Chocolate"


I think the best way to examine why this ice cream cone treat failed so miserably, one has to take it apart and look at each element. There are really 3 parts to this ice cream cone, the chocolate top, the ice cream, and the cone. Two out of three of these elements failed so miserably that I can't possibly suggest this treat to anyone at all.

First of all, I'll look at the one part of this treat that was good. Actually, saying it was “good” isn't fair at all. I would say that if this treat had the same quality and taste of this one component, it might be one of the best ice cream treats I've ever tasted in my entire life. The part I'm talking about is the hard chocolate top. It had a nice smooth chocolate texture, and a few nuts to add a little crunch. The flavour was chocolaty, with just a hint of nuttiness. It was really one of the best toppings I've ever had on an ice cream treat.

Now it's time to look at the failures of this chocolate ice cream treat. I'll start first with the part that failed, but not the part that failed the worst; this is the ice cream portion. The ice cream in this treat was pretty horrible. It had a very few bits of chocolate chunk that where OK, but for the most part the ice cream was kind of gross. First of all it had some kind of fruity flavour all throughout it. Almost as if it was stored with something that gave off a really fruity smell and it permeated into the ice cream. Secondly the ice cream was kind of stale and full of ice crystals.

While the ice cream was bad, the worst part of this treat had to be the cone. Simply put, the cone was soft like paper, it had the consistency of paper, and it tasted worse than paper. It was horrible plain and simple.