CraniYUMS Candy

This is why I love candy; I love eating something that freaks me out, but still most likely tastes good. The premise of this candy is simple, it’s a lollypop skull covered in a clear gummy skin. First things first, getting through the gummy skin is a little bit of work. The gummy is really rubbery and I must look really savage ripping at the skin with the ferocity of a... well, a T-Rex. I'm imagining myself in the age of the dinosaur taking on a beast in a kill or be killed battle, except in this case the enemy tastes lemony and not like a raw lizard or bird (depending on where you sit in that evolutionary debate).

Now here's the only problem I have with this treat, and unfortunately it was a big one. You see, by the time I made it through all the gummy fun, my dinosaur skull had cracked in two, and the stick fell out because if it. I'm not sure if it was because the skull was too thin, or if it was that I was attacking this treat with such ferocity. Either way, it did lead to sticky fingers near the end.

The best part about this treat, other than the pretending I was a murderous monster aspect, is the fact that the skin and the skull each had two very different flavours. Each flavour tasted great and also worked well together. Taste and concept wise this treat is great, it just needs a little work on the strength.

Suck time: 18 minutes