Chocolate Truffle


This treat really wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I saw the package and even the treat and for some reason my expectations really went up. I think this happened for two reasons. I think I was expecting something great when I saw the package because chocolate truffles work. They’re staples in the candy world, and there’s no reason that they shouldn’t work in the ice cream world as well. When I opened the package I thought it would work because it looked pretty good. It wasn’t falling apart, and it looked like something that was made with care.

The outer chocolate coating was okay but the chocolate could have been a little more varied. What I mean is this, if your going to put different types of chocolate on a treat, make sure they taste different as well as look different. Dark chocolate should have a different taste, it shouldn't just be darker.

This ice cream bar falls into a trap that some candy companies fall into. They really had a great idea, and the bar looks great, they just need to make sure that the flavour delivers as well. With ice cream that can be hard since the freezing process dulls down flavours. That just means that the ice cream makers have to boost up the flavour enough to get over the freezing process.