Cherry Lovers

Gimbal's Fine Candies

This candy is the perfect example of a stupid idea that went really well. Maybe stupid is a harsh word for it, silly is maybe a little more appropriate, but whatever word you use it can't be denied that this treat works. I think I'm happy because it takes guts to release a bag of heart shaped jelly beans that are all one flavour. Although they are all one flavour (cherry), each colour of heart has a slight variation on the flavour 9 to be exact.

The flavours vary from "Wild Cherry" to "Chocolate Cherry" all the way to mixes like "Kiwi Cherry" and each have a distinctly different taste. I admire the fact that the folks at Gimbals know that subtle differences in flavour can make a difference, and by making a bag filled with these subtle differences they went out on a limb and succeeded.

The other great thing about the flavour of these treats is that they chose cherry. Had they gone for apple, melon, or banana (all flavours I generally hate) I would have given them high marks for creativity but they would have really lost marks on flavour. Instead they went for a flavour that I think is universally loved and just focused on making it a little different.

The texture and shape are OK too. The heart shape is clever because of the name and they're big enough that they stay nice and chewy. I'm pretty happy with these treats and I think I'm going to eat the whole bag.