Caramel Apple Pops


I found a bag of these treats and thought to myself, could you possibly come up with a dumber idea. But then, at the time, I thought that it would be a caramel flavored apple lollipop. I’m generally not a fan of fake apple flavours, and sometimes I find that caramel flavoured candies don’t work either. It just didn’t make any sense to make a caramel and apple flavoured lollypop, and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like it at all. What surprised me was that it is an apple lollipop covered in real caramel, a great idea!

This should be a new trend in the candy world and I think more candy companies should think of things you could cover your lollipop in. How about a strawberry lollipop covered in real chocolate? The key to this lollipop idea is the balance, the treat has the perfect ratio of apple flavor to caramel. Fortunately, this lollipop does just that. It was such a great combination that I didn’t even mind the fake apple flavour (something I generally don’t like).

Taking a great creative treat idea and making it portable, good job Tootsie.

Suck Time : 20:30