January 2023

Ananda Chocolate "100%"

Ananda Coffee & Cocoa

There are people out there that claim to be chocolate purists. It’s the kind of people that look down at milk or white chocolate and claim that it’s not real chocolate. On paper, this bar is just for those types of people. This is probably the most extremely chocolate, chocolate bar I’ve ever eaten in my life. The ingredient list is very simple, cocoa, that’s it. Because of the simplicity of this chocolate bar there are some amazing benefits to this bar. It’s vegan and there’s no sugar. It also happens to be a bean to bar chocolate creation made from beans sourced from one place.

So when I say that on paper this is the most chocolate a chocolate bar you can get, does it mean that it’s the best chocolate bar possible? My first response to this question would be that it’s an amazing chocolate experience. When you bite into this bar you’re hit with a very strong cocoa flavour. The intensity of the cocoa goes up at every single bite. I’ll be honest, the intensity did get a little uncomfortable for me, and I kept thinking that at some point it should start to mellow. However, I learned from this bar that the thing that takes the edge off of cocoa is milk and sugar. I wouldn’t say that I was disappointed that the edge didn’t get taken off, but I will say that this bar is not for the faint at heart, flavour wise at least.

Texture wise this bar surprised me. I’ve had intense chocolate bars in the past, and one thing I notice about these bars is that the texture is often not what I would expect from a chocolate bar. Most of these bars have a bit more snap than I would like. While some people measure the quality of their chocolate based on the snap, I prefer a chocolate that’s smooth enough (texture wise) that when you touch it there’s a small film left on you fingers. The idea that body heat can melt the chocolate just a little bit appeals to me. This bar passed that test with flying colours.

This was a very extreme chocolate bar. It’s very pure and according to the package fairly ethically sourced. I can’t say I’d recommend this bar to everyone, but if you’re a chocolate purist, or someone that has adventurous taste buds, I would give it a try. As a tip, if you’re finding it a little too extreme, consider enjoying this bar with some salted peanuts. It worked for me at cutting back some of the intensity and the flavour combination was very pleasant.