Acid Pop

Master Foods

Well, it looks a little strange but hey looks aren't everything and this lollipop tastes great. Wow, what a nice day it is sitting here at my computer eating a fruity lollipop. What could possibly go wrong? Hey, this lollipop is getting a little fizzy, and what's this? Holy cow, what in the world is going on in my mouth (twitch twitch), who is the insane monster that made these things!

I'll do my best to break it down for you. This appropriately names Acid Pop starts off as a simple lollipop with decorative little candy stars throughout the center. It you look closely you might notice a blob of colour floating in the middle of this lollipop. This blob is what we will call the “fun part”. The “fun part” foams a lot, it also lets off an insane sour burst of flavour followed by some kind of magic that colours your tongue. I can see why they call them "Acid Pops". The really deceiving part is the hard candy, it's so fruity and calm. It makes you feel like you’re just going to eat a slightly strange looking regular lollipop… wait a minute…

Wow, I just bit through the center, and the explosion of sour and fizz is a feeling I will never forget.

Suck Time: About 20 minutes