I bought this candy because the package was really strange. I thought the package implied that the chocolate balls were going to be filled with baby chicks. I knew it wasn’t true, but I enjoyed the weird implication on the package. My actual thought was that this would be a simple bag of chocolate covered nuts, most likely almonds. As it turns out the candy inside was a little weird, maybe not as strange as eating baby chicks, but certainly very original.

There was chocolate covering each of these balls, and there was an almond in the center. The strangeness came between these two parts. It came in the form of an interesting layer of a green chocolate like substance. The colour was appropriate as the flavour seemed to be pistachio. It’s as if there was a transition between the chocolate and the nut, a nut flavoured chocolate. The layer was most strange because pistachio doesn’t really seem to go well with almond. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen these two nuts together, and after eating these Maiuspala candies I can kind of see why. It wasn’t horrible, it just seemed a little strange.

I wouldn’t say that these are something to avoid, in fact I recommend highly that you give them a try. I would just suggest trying them before buying any kind of bulk quantity as they may be a little weird to some people.