Easter Break "Kit Kat"


Here’s the problem, this is a very fine little chocolate bunny, but I feel like I’m being lied to. I’ll start this review with everything I love about this chocolate bunny. I use the word “love” because I feel like the great things about this chocolate bunny are truly exceptional. The first thing you notice when you open the package is the fantastic design. It’s a good looking, and very cute bunny. There’s nothing about this bunny that look cheap, and it looks exactly as it does on the package. The chocolate is also very good. It’s not fine quality chocolate, but for a store bought treat it’s pretty good. The chocolate filling is also good, and blends perfectly with the out coating of chocolate. The crisps are a nice touch, and add just a bit of texture to each bite. I totally enjoyed eating this bunny, except for one detail.

My problem with this chocolate bunny is all over the package, and it can be summed up in two words “Kit Kat”. It’s actually the lack of anything Kit Kat that really upset me. In my head I thought I was getting a Kit Kat bar that was cleverly disguised in a chocolate bunny. Other than the unclear graphic on the ear, there’s nothing to dissuade me from this idea. The word “break” is in the name of this treat. The description on the bottom says “milk chocolate with crispy wafer”. Most importantly it’s Kit Kat branded. I assume that the crunchy bits in the chocolate filling were the same wafer that they use in a Kit Kat bar, but I would think it would be better to describe them as wafer bits, as opposed to wafers. This is a good chocolate bunny, but it is in no way a Kit Kat bar.

I was so upset at being lied to that I created a narrative in my mind (I do that a lot). I imagined that this was actually a Kit Kat loving chocolate bunny, and he had recently eaten a Kit Kat bar before being captured and packaged as an Easter treat. Once you bite into the bunny, he’s still filled with fragments of the recently eaten Kit Kat bar. So, this is less a break for you, as it was for him, with an unfortunate ending.