Chocolate Rice Puffs


Surprisingly, these didn’t work at all. The difficulty in reviewing these is to figure out whether or not they failed because of poor ingredients, or poor production. In theory, chocolate and rice crisps work together. I’ve tasted a number of fine rice crisp/chocolate treats in my day, but these are not one of them. The two problems with this treat are the flavour of the chocolate, and the texture of the crisps. This is a big problem since in this combination, the chocolate should be providing most of the flavour and the crisps should be providing most of the texture.

Don’t get me wrong, the crisps did provide a texture, but it wasn’t really crispy as much as it was squishy. Not squishy like a raisin or anything, but squishy like a small bug. I guess it did have a crunch, but it was a really awkward crunch, and not pleasurable at all. Then there’s the chocolate, for some reason the chocolate didn’t taste right. It was creamy, but also a little sour, like it had been in the bulk bin a little too long. If it was dark chocolate with a slight tart taste I’d be OK, but this is milk chocolate.

I’m not entirely convinced this treat could have worked perfectly at all. Even if the chocolate was better, I don’t think the design would allow for the texture of the rice crisps to really shine. I get the feeling that the only way these would work is if you had more rice crisps (thus making it a bigger lump), and you'd have to eat it within minutes of making it.