A Chocolate

Platres Chocolate Workshop

This chocolate came to me with a story. I bought it from the man who not only made this chocolate, but according to him, he invented it. He claims that the chocolate is a special formula that he invented, and the filling is made from a special mix of various Cypriot (that's where I bought it) ingredients. The key ingredient in his story that really intrigued me was royal jelly, I’m not really sure what that is, but it sounds important. He went on at great length telling me how this chocolate was not only tasty, but also natural and fairly healthy too.

So, as you can imagine, I had pretty high expectations for this chocolate after buying it. I figured that since one man put his entire life into this chocolate, it should be pretty amazing. After I took the chocolate home, photographed it, and eventually tasted it, the power of his story kind of wore off. I managed to look at this chocolate more objectively, and here's what I thought.

The first thing you notice about this chocolate is that it's not that fancy looking. I've been very interested in the latest developments in chocolate making, and appearance, and frankly this chocolate is fairly average looking. Taste wise it's pretty good, the chocolate has a slight bitter flavour, but it's still very smooth. It tastes like it’s been sweetened, but it's definitely a different kind of sweet flavour. The cream in the middle is very unique as he told me it would be. It's a bit like a creamy honey, but not overly sweet either. If the key sweet ingredient in this chocolate is royal jelly, I'm starting to think very highly of it.

This is a simple looking chocolate; however, the flavour is fairly unique, and while I'm not sure if it lives up to the big story, I still think that it is very good.