November 2023







100 Grand "2 Piece Share Pack"


I'm a big fan of the 100 Grand line of candy bars. Since I'm Canadian, and these are much more common in the USA, I find myself forgetting about them quite often. Then every once in a while I'm presented with one and I remember why they always get very high marks on this site. I've said this before, but in my circle of candy fans and friends, this is truly one of the most underrated line of candy bars in the world. So far I have yet to try a 100 Grand bar that I haven't loved and this bar is no exception.

I should note that this bar isn't as good as the original. I remember the original being a very balanced candy bar. I remember all of the ingredients blending together so well because of such a great ratio of these ingredients. This bar does not have as great a ratio of ingredients, because of the large square shape of each piece, one ingredient dominates over all the others. The dilemma I have is that the one ingredient that dominates is so good. The caramel centre of this bar is truly the star. The chocolate and crisps are like small highlights for a giant square of chewy caramel. While it's not as balanced as the original 100 Grand, they certainly chose the right ingredient to be unbalanced with.

While all the ingredients of this bar are great, I really feel like the caramel is the star. The chewiness and great flavour make this bar kind of unique. So I feel like if you're going to increase the ratio of one ingredient, it should be the caramel. While admittedly my jaw was a little sore from chewing all this caramel, I was very happy too.

If you're a big fan of chewy caramel, this is a bar that you must try. It not only delivers on chewy caramel, but the other ingredients, the chocolate and crisps, still go really well together. While I'd still suggest the classic 100 Grand over this bar, I would suggest that if you're a fan of the classic bar to give this one a try as well.